Tell Me The Ghost, 2016  —  After the making of a short impromptu album created over a week in Iceland alongside artist and producer Alex Somers (Sigur Rós, Jónsi), Tom Gallo quickly signed a record deal with Malibu’s selective creative shop Record Collection (John Frusciante, Blake Mills, Fiona Apple). This obscure collection of music, comprised of instrumental pieces using manipulated pianos, spoons played on soup bowls, and field recordings, may seem an unlikely prelude for what was to come. In 2016, Gallo recorded his debut full length album; alone at home, with an old nylon string guitar and a cheap microphone. These stripped down constraints bloomed a record of oddly sparse yet memorable melodies, framed in delicate guitar patterns, whisper-like singing and minimalist percussion. Currently being referred to as Tell Me The Ghost, the record was mixed by the often eccentric and always coveted multi-Grammy winner Tchad Blake, who’s catalog ranges from Paul McCartney, Tom Waits and Peter Gabriel to U2, The Black Keys, and RZA. This new collection of songs will see the light of day worldwide in 2016.

Photo © Ella BC Smith  —  © 2016 Tom Gallo