Created over a week in Iceland alongside Alex Somers (Sigur Rós, Jónsi), Tom Gallo's debut EP consists of 22 minutes of acoustic sound. It is now out worldwide via Record Collection (Fiona Apple, John Frusciante, Blake Mills).

via Malibu Magazine

Tom Gallo began experimenting with sounds with an eccentric technique of cutting and splicing together bird sounds from an old cassette. He vividly remembers watching his grandfather play the accordion when he was younger and witnessing that type of control started everything for him. The initial foray into music eventually led to the calming sounds of his debut album 'Continuation Day'. The album, 22 minutes of improvised acoustics, was created over the course of a week in Iceland with visual artist and musician Alex Somers (Sigur Rós, Jónsi). Gallo’s music is natural yet surreal, with a distinct sound all of its own. Pulling inspiration from the avant-garde composer John Cage as well as the imperfections of old delta blues, Gallo’s music has unexpected roots. The title 'Continuation Day' draws from a weekend retreat that he attended as a kid with a Zen monk. Gallo shrinks the gap between life and music, and his sound lives and breathes in a very different way than others. Music has always been a way for him to express what he can’t articulate with words.